God Wants Us To Be Beautiful (Quote)

“One night when I was tucking in my oldest son into bed he looked at me and asked, “‘Why did God make us?’  He was not quite four years old at the time.  I tried to answer in a way that I thought he would understand.  ‘God made us because He loves us and wants to be our friend.’ He thought about that for a minute and then put his small hands on either side of my face, pulled me close to his, and whispered, ‘No, Mama, God made us because He wants us to be beautiful.‘”  

“Imago Dei.  God wants us to be beautiful.”

“[Our] purpose is to bear God’s beautiful image.  To bear the image of God is to be godly.  [And godliness] is the very essence of what it means to be fully human.  In fact, life is all about people joining God in being godly.” 

From Faith Coaching, by Hall, Copper, McElvenn, 2009 (pp 2, 3).


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