Not I, But Christ (Quote)

“Initiation into the Christian community means that ‘I’ can no longer be the center.  The world no longer revolves around me–my desires, my ambitions, my career and (especially for post-modern people) my right to self-fulfillment.  Rather, my life revolves around a new Center, Christ, who holds me along with other believers in relationship that is to be determined solely by him.  In short, ‘I’ must see myself as a member of the body of Christ, functioning as his hand, foot, eye or other part (cf. 1 Cor 12).  The paradigm shift from being myself to being a member of Christ can come about only through prayer.  Learning the Lord’s Prayer, therefore, is more than learning a form of prayer, or even a structure for formulating one’s own prayer.  It is learning to pray what is essentially the prayer of the church, and that means learning to become the church.”

Simon Chan in Liturgical Theology, 2006, pp 114-115


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