Know It, Live It, Teach It (Blog)

Read Me!Ezra had devoted his life to studying the Law of the LORD, to practicing it, and to teaching all its laws and regulations to the people of Israel. (Ezra 7:10, GNT)

The process of living a life dedicated to God could easily be summed up in the title of this blog post. Ezra the priest exemplifies the man of God who, as David said finds, “joy in obeying the Law of the Lord, and studies it day and night” (Psalm 1:2). I find it astonishing that so many Christians spend little time in personal study of the Word of God.

Of course, this issue presents the dilemma that if you don’t know the Word of God, and by knowing it, I mean to meditate on it, you certainly will not be able to practice it. You cannot practice what you do not know. In fact, by reading the Word of God, studying it, and knowing it, you will inevitably be changed by it so that you will, naturally by the grace of God, be prompted to practice its precepts.

One of the elders at the church I pastor said to me that whenever he studies the Word of God, he is studying it with an eye to teach it to others. This is a good principle because anything we learn that has value should be known to the point of being able to impart it to others. St. Paul said to his protégé Timothy, “Take the teachings that you heard me proclaim in the presence of many witnesses, and entrust them to reliable people, who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim 2:2, GNT). We learn God’s Word not only to do it, but to teach it as well.

Too many Christians today form a theological opinion based on their own understanding, share it with others, and, then, often times don’t even practice what they preach. So, they do the opposite of what Scripture teaches. The process works only one way: Know it, practice it, and then teach it.

© Paul Dordal, 2012


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