Trust In Your Connection To God (Reflection)

ropes“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” (Pr 3:5)

Last Saturday I went on an adventure with my wife Martha and some good friends to a ropes course in the Laurel Highlands (Allegheny Mts).  The ladder climb was 40 feet to the first challenge, and, of course, I am pretty afraid of heights.   There was a sense from our group that because I am in the Army I must be a fearless macho man.  How far from the truth that is!  I hate roller coasters, I’ll throw up from too much spinning on the kiddie tea cup ride, and, most of all, I can’t stand heights.  Nevertheless, I went first.

Now, there are two tether lines that connect you quite securely to a cable above the ropes course.  If you fall off any one of the challenges (rotating tires, shaky steps, jumps, tight-ropes), the tethers will only allow you to dangle a foot or two off the obstacle.  Yet, I must admit at one challenge I asked myself, “Where is the cherry-picker truck that gets people down who “freeze” while 40 feet up?  Nevertheless, I completed the course (albeit with great trepidation and stress).

All the while I was up there, 40 feet in the sky (I have to remind you and me of that daunting fact), the verse above was circling around my head:  “trust in the tether, trust in the tether!”  But I didn’t trust the tether.  I kept thinking the course was about my own strength, my own ability to not fall down–to accomplish the task.  It made me realize that I am probably going through much of my life the same way. So, I became a bit upset with myself as a spiritual leader who is not always trusting my tether to God.  Nevertheless,  God was speaking to me and I was glad.

Trust in the tether that God has connected to you, and lean not on your own capabilities.  Even if you fall, He will not let go of you and He will keep you secure.


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