Biblical vs. Scriptural Christians

ImageI believe the key to living a fully developed Christian life is understanding and appropriating the revelation of God found in the Holy Bible.  Loving, meditating on, and studying the Word of God is the only way to gain a clear understanding of who God is and who we are as human persons made in God’s image.

Many Christians who say they are Bible based are, in reality, not biblical, but scriptural.  Being biblical and scriptural are not the same things. You see, anyone can make the scriptures say what they want them to say (and with all the various Christian sects, denominations, and cults out there, this should be self-evident).  To be biblical, however, is to have the totality, the warp and woof, of the scriptural story as the basis of one’s life.   Thus, “scriptural” believers may read the Bible diligently, but, unsurprisingly, develop their own individual theology, their own image of God, and not a biblical one.

But the Bible has its own truth.  The Bible has its own theology, which “scriptural” believers normally do not understand or believe.  In the end scripturalists idolize a God created in their own image, based on their anthropomorphic perception of God rather than His revelatory reality.

© Paul Dordal, 2013


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