seriouslyWhen my nine year old son feels I am not being reasonable, he sometimes snidely says, “Seriously?” I think he got it from Phineas and Ferb.

I was listening to Christian radio this morning and heard the DJ say, “Give us a call if you need prayer. We take prayer seriously.” Seriously?

I have heard this before about other Christian activities. “We take the Gospel seriously.” “We take missions seriously.” “We take Jesus seriously.” “We take the Word of God seriously.” Seriously?

I understand that we should take God seriously. But it seems that we Christians are a little too serious too much of the time. Maybe we can take prayer joyously, or the Gospel celebratorily. Is celebratorily even a word? Probably not, but let’s get serious. Maybe God wants us to primarily take Jesus relationally, which is far more than simply seriously. When it comes to our and faith and relationship to Christ let’s try on other adverbs like happily, mysteriously, lovingly, graciously, exhilaratingly, cheerfully, hilariously, playfully, freely, smilingly, and even gaily.  Maybe then more people will take Christianity seriously.


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