The Central Act Of Worship (Quote)

jesus-eucharist“The central act of worship in the Church is called by various names: the Eucharist, mass, the breaking of the bread, the Lord’s Supper, divine liturgy.  The Eucharist also sums up all of our life before God and provides us with a means of grace to live out our faith in the world.  It is a source and center of our spiritual lives.  Kenneth Leech, a Church of England priest, succinctly states our belief:

‘So bread and wine,and also human persons, are transformed and in this action the Eucharist sums up and expresses the whole of the Christian life and prayer. For in all life, the sanctifying power of the Spirit is fundamental.  Unless the Spirit falls in flame, there is no life.  All prayer, like all Eucharistic celebrations is, in the words of the Roman Missal, a prayer of thanksgiving and sanctification.

The Eucharistic Prayer is the centre of all Christian prayer, the centre of all liturgy, the centre of our common life together, and is therefore extremely important that this Great Prayer, as it is sometimes called, should express as fully and completely as possible the beliefs and intentions of the church in this central act of its life…. The Eucharist is Christ, present and active now in the fullness of his redeeming work.'”

(c) William P. Mahedy (2004), Out of the Night: The Spiritual Journey of Vietnam Vets.  Radix Press, pp 197-198.


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