Morning Prayer (Poem)

incenseAt dawn I light the Dragon’s Blood,
And begin to sense a cleansing flood;
Wafting, upward, sweet Mystery;
“Be still.” I faintly perceive the Victory.

The soft bells ring and beat the sacred time,
Yet Silence speaks in wisps sublime.
The Bread made Word, a feast prepared;
“Arise weak man, your soul be aired!”

Then hefty gates swing wide – reveal,
An inner passage with sacred seal;
And sitting unkempt toes curled on floor,
He kneels before me? The Christ, the Door.

Now lifting, loving, dancing… … Selah.
I pause to feel the warmth of Fire;
Oh, Advocate, so tender, so sweet,
How blessed am I to wake and meet.

Speak! Speak! I bend my ear:
A whisper, a word, a command to hear.

“Go forth poor soul, with Love and Power,
To pray and work, from hour to hour.
Then once again you’ll receive your Host:
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”

© Paul Dordal, 2015


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