The Traveler (A Parable)

Traveler Soft EdgesOne day, early in the morning, while several fishermen were preparing to go out on their boat, a traveler came to the fishermen and asked for a ride across the large lake. The traveler had a bandana on her head, a green neck pillow around her neck, and a small Columbia® backpack. The fishermen looked at each other, and not really sure about the skinny young woman said, “Why not? Just stay out of our way at the back of the boat.”

The skies were bright and sunny when the boat with the six fishermen and the traveler left the dock. The trip to the other side of the lake would take six hours, even if they didn’t stop to fish. The traveler went to the back of the boat, as she was told, and put her pillow behind her head and fell fast asleep.

About halfway into the trip, while they were fishing, dark clouds and high winds began to fill the air. The boat began to rock violently as the waves started to increase in size. Though the fishermen had been in severe weather in the past, they feared this unexpected and fierce storm. The boat was being tossed around and the fishermen began to panic.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lake, an old farmer had been praying for his crops. It hadn’t rained in quite some time, and the farmer feared that his crop would be lost. When the rain came that very morning, the farmer praised God and thanked God for answering his prayers.

Back on the boat, the storm on the lake seemed to worsen, and the fishermen’s panic turned to dread. Yet, still at the back of the boat was the traveler, sleeping soundly throughout it all. The fishermen approached the strange young woman and asked, “How can you be sleeping? Aren’t you afraid of the storm?”

The traveler said, “Oh this. It’s just weather. It happens. Sometimes it’s sunny; sometimes it rains. We are not in control. Take it easy!”  The fishermen were amazed at her words and soon afterward the storm broke.

The fishermen decided to end their work for the day and went to the other side of the lake to drop off the traveler. As they approached the land the fishermen saw a strange figure on a farm off the coast. An old man was twisting and turning— dancing on the farm, and it looked like he was singing.  The young traveler saw the farmer and laughed. And then she started dancing and singing too.

© Paul Dordal, 2018


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