The writings below are culled from various sources, but represent some of the authors that have influenced me as I have studied and begun to practice a Christian informed understanding of anarchism. I will add more from time to time. If you have articles or books you believe would be helpful to Christians who are interested in anarchism, which can be linked to a web source, please email me at

Christian Anarchist Writings
“Christian Anarchism” by Alexandre J.M.E. Christoyannopoulos
“The Subversive Spirituality of Christi-Anarchy” by Dave Andrews
“Christian Anarchy” by Vernard Eller
“Anarchy and Christianity” by Jacques Ellul
“Jesus Was An Anarchist” by Elbert Hubbard
“The Kingdom of God is Within You” by Leo Tolstoy

Secular Anarchist Writings
“Post-Scarcity Anarchism” by Murray Bookchin
“Anarchism and Psychology” by Dennis Fox
“Mutual Aid” by Peter Kropotkin
“Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism” by Peter Marshall
“Anarchism” by David Miller
“Anarchism” by Cindy Milstein
“Anarchism and Education” by Judith Suissa
“About Anarchism” by Nicolas Walter

Pittsburgh Stuff
Article About Pittsburgh Anarchism From 2010